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Istruzioni rapide per Rimuovere WebBar da Windows 10

Guida completa a Disinstalla WebBar from Windows XP

Errore causato da WebBar
0x00000011, 0x8024002A WU_E_MISSING_HANDLER A component required to detect applicable updates was missing., 0x00000074, 0x00000003, 0x80240035 WU_E_UPDATE_NOT_PROCESSED The update was not processed., 0x80240002 WU_E_MAX_CAPACITY_REACHED The maximum capacity of the service was exceeded., 0x000000DB, Error 0x80070103, 0x00000036, 0xf081B CBS_E_UNEXPECTED_PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE the processor architecture specified is not supported, 0xf0803 CBS_S_STACK_SHUTDOWN_REQUIRED servicing stack updated, aborting, 0x80240012 WU_E_REG_VALUE_INVALID An invalid registry value was read.
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