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Come evitare Monitoraggio delle informazioni personali in Windows 10

Window 10 sistema operativo è il nuovo rilascio dalla Microsoft e se avete installato sul vostro computer voi siete tra tra 67 milioni di altri utenti. come consapevole PC utente si dovrebbe guardare presso alcuni dei funzionalità di privacy, sicurezza e gestibilità in Windows 10. in questo articolo stiamo discutendo su alcuni dei punti salienti sotto copertura in questione per la vostra privacy.

Windows 10 e raccolta dati polemica

Naturalmente, avete verificati Termini di servizi e dichiarazione sulla privacy ma molti utenti in questa età fare non leggere termini dell’accordo di servizi. Windows 10 anche raccogliere informazioni personali per una migliore supporto tecnologico come ad esempio – Il tuo nome, l’ID e-mail, gli interessi e le preferenze, la navigazione e la ricerca della storia, numero di telefono e chiamate i dettagli, record di SMS, dati di sensori e dispositivi di configurazione, e applicazioni utilizza.

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Come Sbarazzarsi Di Dati Violazione

data breach

What is data breach

A data breach is a term that is related to an incident when the theft of personal data, sensitive, protected or confidential, copy, exhibits, broadcast or used by unauthorized personnel or organization for illegal purposes. This is also referred to as the disclosure of information, data leakage and data loss and concerns in a wide range of hats blacks and organized crime. Data breaches may allow computer users to steal your financial information, such as debit / credit card or online banking, personal identification, trade secrets of natural or legal persons.

Data breaches have become so common and the occurrence of this devastation is happening with great frequency and puts the data threatening than ever. As data breaches occur frequently and the number of individuals and organizations compromise their data is a topic that leads to stronger financial loss, further legislative controls and regulations, and damage to reputation.

Cause of data breaches

  1. Some time the individual and the organization meets with missing or stolen laptop personal or official, external storage or removable storage devices such as USB hard disk, pen drive, memory card, etc. and some important records in the form of hard copy or soft copy.
  2. Hard-disk and some other digital devices that contain a built-in flash memory or other digital storage media to be delivered to anyone for any purpose without deleting the important and sensitive information.
  3. The databases containing personal information is breached or otherwise illegally opened by persons outside the agency or organization.
  4. Employees access or disclosure of confidential information to outside or without the permission of their employer.
  5. Paper files stolen from unsafe disposal in garbage cans or access to the file that is recycled from waste.
  6. An agency or organization to provide personal information to the wrong person, for example, to send information to the wrong address.
  7. Individual deceiving an agency or organization improper release of personal information of another person.

Security measures to prevent data breaches

Lake of the appropriate security measures for personal data should be considered in a number of cases of data breaches. This could include the maintenance of physical security, computer and network security, communications security and personal safety. To meet its obligations of information security, the agencies and organizations should consider the following steps:

Risk assessment – Identify risks to the security of personal information held by the organization and the consequences of a security breach.

Development – Development of a policy or set of policies that implement measures, practices and procedures to reduce the identified risks to information security.

Privacy Impact Assessment – Systemic evaluation of the content that is proposed or existing information systems are aligned with the best practices of privacy and legal obligations.

Staff training – Training of staff and managers in safety awareness and computer fraud, illegal practices and procedures used by hackers.

The appointment of a responsible person – Appointment of employees within the agency or organization responsible for preventing data breaches is also very necessary.

Technology – Implementation of best technologies to protect your personal information held by or organization, including through measures such as access control, privacy, copy protection, intrusion detection, and strong encryption.

Monitoring and review – Following the measures and security procedures to ensure the effective management of safety as the monitoring of compliance to security policy, ongoing evaluations of new security risks and the sufficiency of security tools of the existing data.

Contract management adequate – It ‘s very necessary to conduct a proper contract with security policies diligence and IT service provider. Periodically check the conformation of security policies can help prevent security breaches.

The use of appropriate instruments of protection malware – In real use of ordinary antivirus program only protect against the virus only in conditions when fully upgraded, but it is not a policy of adequate security to prevent data breaches against the invasion of spyware . Security experts suggests using advance and automatic removal tool for the real-time protection.

Steps to respond in data breaches

An individual or organization can have unfortunately encounter with data breach due to new techniques and deceptive tactics adopted by cybercriminals. Below are the steps that must be taken to avoid a disruptive effect on the long-term business reputation and personal accounts online, including the hacking of online bank account.

Step 1: Immediately contact IT professionals or security breach support providers, after an experience any attack on your computer system.

Step 2: stop using the infected system to limit the damage. It also helps security professionals to search logs and network infiltration points, identify and disable any malware or viruses to prevent more data breaches.

Step 3: Always take the support of IT forensic experts if you need to handle the situation. it also ensure your credibility with investors, customers and suppliers.

Step 4: Call a meeting or conference for the relevant teams and the media to draft response to the data breach. it can be useful for enlisting the help of a specialized external provider to respond to security breaches. These vendors support the violation can easily manage incoming calls for the parties that deals with data breach. They can also do with stakeholders and people for the distribution of e-mail and access to credit reports.

Step 5: On the organizational level it is necessary to inform the related parties, consumers, business partners and even local law enforcement on the data breach as soon as possible. A majority of states have their own laws to manage several security breaches, including laws that seem to treat the planning required to inform victims and other related parties of a security breach.

Step 6: Avoid making statements harmful and misleading. Notify the problem affected person or party in a short, simple, and honest message. Provide them with important information only if it is necessary, and take responsibility for the problem. You need a will and determination to make things right and to prevent future problems.

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